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Located in Matlock, Derbyshire our Astra GTE 16V is a reletiviely new addition to the collection only being owned by us for 7 Years. These cars are becoming very rare and were notorious for rusting away especially over the rear wheel arches. Our car has undergone a pretty extensive bodywork restoration and now looks simply lovely.


The car benefits from a few tasteful modifications with the wheels and exhaust being aftermarket favourites for this model, and of course the car has its famous digital dash which was ahead of its time when these cars were first introduced in the late '80s. Our model is one of the late 'J'plates with a 2.0 L 16 valve naturally aspirated engine producing 150bhp as standard, and comes with modern comforts such as a tilt/slide sun roof and power steering.


 1991 | 2.0 L | 3 Passengers | Tasteful Modifications | Recaro Seats and Cloth Interior | LCD Dashboard

To provide the finishing touches to the booking we can also supply a bottle of Champagne or Prosecco to enjoy at your event... and of course the chauffeur can come in smart or casual dress.

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